Thinking of volunteering at ASOD? That is great! We are happy to get in contact with you and talk about the options. Of course a volunteer program should be of special value for you and us. Therefore we believe it’s important to consult first about general activities, skills, your and our availability etc.
Volunteers with the following skills and education can be of great help for ASOD. But even if you are not educated in the following, we are happy to explore your possibilities! Just contact us with all your questions, suggestions or requests.


ASOD’s secondary school Millennium College is in need of different teachers to support in teaching, but also to help the present teachers in improving their teaching skills.

Social work
Because of the hard lives that our orphans were and are in, they are in need of social support. This means both the practical help and mental support. Regular problems of the orphans are dealing with death and HIV/AIDS in their family, their own HIV infection (half of our children are HIV infected), future worries and frightful memories about situations caused by war and conflict.

Communication and fundraising
To keep up the good work that ASOD is doing for the orphans, money is needed. Therefore we can use all the help we can get in communicating our goals to the world and raising funds for the projects we started or want to implement.