Sponsorship overview

Sponsorship is one of our main tools in providing a better future for the children in our care. In a sponsorship, four parties work together to strive towards empowerment for these children and young adults: ASOD Uganda, the sponsor, the sponsored child and the caretakers. Each have their own role and responsibilities, but the goal is clear: a better future for the child in question.

What is sponsorship?

Under a sponsorship, a donor agrees to fund the education of a child and, depending on the sponsorship type, also its school requirements and basic needs. The sponsor provides the funding and ASOD Uganda organises the care for and education of the child. The child that is being sponsored also has a role to play and needs to show commitment to his or her own education and update the sponsor through ASOD about the progress in education. Caretakers have to be willing to provide care to the child support the child according to their cappacity. ASOD emphasizes the role of caretakers, to ensure that the children are welcome in their community during and after their studies.

Why sponsorship

At ASOD Uganda we are mainly dependent on funding from independent donors for our work. Although we welcome every gift, we have a preference towards sponsorship because it is different from a gift in the following aspects:

Sponsorship is not a one-shot but a longer term commitment
Running an organisation on gifts makes it very hard to plan and achieve high levels of efficiency. Since you never know what’s going to be around the next corner, basic choices such as taking more children under our care or buying food supplies become a game of hit and miss.
Sponsorship changes all that because it generates a steady supply of resources that can be attributed to children. This makes it possible to plan ahead and to optimize our work and strive towards maximum efficiency.

Gifts, by their nature are ideal to one-shot costs, such as the construction of a water well. Sponsorship by its nature is the ideal vessel to allow us to care for children month after month.

Sponsorship gives a sense of security to a child
The children under the care of ASOD face a lot of insecurities in their lives and often find themselves in a particularly vulnerable position. A sponsorship can counter those insecurities because at the minimum it takes care of a child’s school fees. Coming up with the money to pay for school is often an unsurmountable problem for these children and their caretakers. To know that school fees will be taken care off lifts an enormous burden from their young shoulders.

Sponsorship is a more rewarding experience for the donor/sponsor
Giving always fills you with a feeling of joy, but a gift is more anonymous than a sponsorship. When you sponsor a child, you know you are impacting a child’s life directly. You are putting a child to school or putting food on its plate. Also, you can communicate with your sponsored child and follow it as it makes its journey from a vulnerable child to an empowered young adult.

Sponsorship at ASOD

At ASOD, we believe that sponsoring a child is a very personal choice and therefore we aim to make the experience as personal as possible. We have provided information on the children under our care and invite you to sponsor the child that you feel personally most connected to.
We have made this choice because we believe our children benefit most from a long-lasting sponsorship and we believe that it is in their best interest to have a sponsor who feels personally connected to them. On the other hand, we are convinced that it makes the sponsorship into a more rewarding experience for our sponsors.

Our role in sponsorship

The role of ASOD Uganda is threefold:

  • To manage the sponsorship’s administrative side
  • To care for the sponsored child and provide it with education
  • To build the relationship with the sponsor

Apart from our obvious roles at the administrative side and caring for the child, ASOD also builds the relationship with the sponsor. That means that we not only make sure to follow up on any questions you may have as a sponsor, but we also enable and facilitate the communication between sponsor and child.

Your role in sponsorship

Your role as a sponsor is in part self-defined. Some people choose to communicate more with the child they sponsor, others prefer to act more in the background.
The obvious responsibility of the sponsor is to provide the monthly sponsorship fees. We advice our sponsor to set up a recurring bank transfer to facilitate this task.

You and the child you sponsor

As a sponsor, you can communicate with the child you sponsor through ASOD. You can communicate in English or other Ugandan local languages and we will provide translations where needed. We accept letters and packages at our postal address, but the easiest way for you to get in touch is via email. When you become a sponsor, we will provide you with all details on how to get in touch with the child you sponsor. Should you be interested to do so, you can also visit your sponsored child. However, make sure to contact us in advance because children might be absent during school holidays.

Sponsorship FAQ

Making a single donation

You like to support the work of ASOD, but you don’t like to commit yourselve to a sponsorship. See how you can support ASOD at ourĀ donation page.