ASOD started strong partnerships with volunteer organizations. Thanks to that partnership, we welcomed a number of volunteers already. This has always been a valuable experience for the volunteers and us.
To give you an idea of their experiences in working with ASOD, you can read about their experiences.

Volunteer Anouck

Anouck financed and implemented the poultry project, donated computers, helped ASOD in communication activities (website, proposals etc.) and organised our first poem contest.

Volunteer Evelien

Evelien supported ASOD in the drama group project, in sports (financing and teaching swimming lessons and physical trainings) and giving the children time, attention and care in being there for them, listening to their stories and having fun.

Volunteer Elfje

Elfje raised funds and supplied residing students with various basic needs (beds, matrasses and so on). She is also involved in the food for learning project.
Volunteer Rob
There are so many words that you can use to describe ASOD and the people that work for them! I had the chance to work for ASOD as a teacher of Chemistry and Biology as well as Deputy Principal. What an amazing 14 months they were! Firstly the kids were the most fantastic young adults to work with! Their enthusiasm for learning was inspiring and their attitude was like nothing I have ever seen. They were and still are an inspiration to me. The staff also were fantastic and I don’t want to mention any by name as the list would be endless! But a big thank you to John the director for allowing me to be creative and implement changes to Millennium college.